Beet reserves the right to change hardware specifications at any time without notice.

Specifications as of Envision v3.6 Gen 2.

Network Architecture Overview

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Production Envision Gen 2 Network Architecture (DW-CIP) - Envision On-Prem Solution

Envision Web Application Server (EAS)

EAS Server (Typical per Plant) (This can be virtual)

Envision Application Database Server (MongoDB RepliaSet)

It is highly recommended to have two systems for redundancy, performance, and to facilitate complete backups. Only a two system deployment will be supported in a production environment.

Physical hardware is recommended, but can be virtual under certain conditions, please discuss with your account manager first.

For every 10,000 SmartTags requires:

Report Warehouse & Notification Services Server

Envision Data Processor (eDCP)

AMQP Broker Server

eDCA Appliances (Data Collection Industrial Devices)

eDCA XI Series Appliance

eDCA XiS Series Appliance - IP65 Rated