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Below the Main Window, is the the MWO Pane. Initially, this window is opened with the Messages Pane. The user can switch between Message, Waterfall, and OEE.

Note: the O.E.E. Upon opening the enVision Live module, the OEE option is normally turned off and is not displaying to the left of the window. It is necessary to go to the Open Controls menu and cycle it on by selecting the “Show OEE” option if you would like it to display.

Message Pane

The Messages pane updates the message in realtimereal-time. It shows the Time, States (utilizing the color coding as seen in the upper left-hand corner of the Live browser), and the station with messagethe messages.

Waterfall Pane

The Waterfall Pane when selected, display a bar chart, that shows the cumulative time for Good Time, Planned Downtime, Overcycle, Blocked/Starved, Unplanned Downtime, and Idle states. Hovering over the bar with the cursor will display the total minutes of each state.


The OEE pane displays the parameters of the O.E.E. equationsdata. It will be necessary to go into the Open Controls Menu (in the upper right corner of the browser) and click the checkbox for displaying OEE. Once selected, it an O for OEE, will appear in the MW Pane below the Main Display window.

Open Control Menu

To open this menuThe enVision Live Module can be configured based upon the needs of the user. To make these changes, click on the "Open Controls Menu" link in the upper right corner -hand side of the Main Display.

The Control Menu has several options to configure.

Setting Target Efficiency

Use this feature
Starting with Setting Target Efficiency. This feature can be used to set your target efficiency.

Cycle Length Override

Use overrides
This setting used to override control
values the system uses to resolve an element for a specified time period.  The system retrieves the rule definition for the element and applies any override Cycle Length.

Exclude Cycles Less/Greater

These parameters allow the user to control what cycles to exclude base upon and upper and lower Cycle Length.

Over cycle Baseline Multiplier

If the baseline is 1, you can use this value to see and report over or under a certain amount.

Bottom Pane Height

Image ModifiedThis option will control the Height of the MWO pane. Increasing the size will allow for more messages to be viewed at one time.

Message list Font Size

Adjust the size of the Fonts.Image ModifiedThis option allows the user to control the size of the fonts in the MWO Pane only.

Show Station Labels

Image ModifiedThis feature will add Station Labels that will hover above the grid to allow the view where the station labels are not legible in its current configuration. However, this is for use with a larger spread out grid of stations.

Show OEE


To show OEE and enable, tick this checkbox to add the OEE Display window to the lower Message/Waterfall Pane. Initially it would only show M (Messages) and W (Waterfall) as the default views. Ticking this checkbox will add it below the W.



Image AddedThe Calculation offers use of specific categories, such as Starved, Blocked, Faulted, Rejected, or Overcycle. Tick the checkbox of the Categories you would want to view.

Block/Starved Calculation

This calculation is a setting that bases the output based upon a Station, the Line, or a Classified asset.

Use Station(s) Points

Only use Block and Staved points at all stations.

Use Line Points

Only use the Block point or starved point of the whole line.

Use Classified Assets

If an asset has a classification that has blocked or starved points.