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  1. Create MongoDB for Live with EnvisionLive database on EAS and set to run on port 27019
  2. Install Live Server binaries on EAS in c:\Program Files\Beet Analytics Technology\LiveServer
  3. Setup Live Server Configuration C:\_Envision\EnvisionLive\config.xml as follows with 2 or 3 IP addresses, and database connections to main EAS MongoDB and Live Database on port 27019.  
    Note: Update firewall rules on EAS to allow inbound access to port 27019.
  4. Update Firewall to open port 8080 for inbound traffic on EAS
  5. On DOS command line execute liveserver.exe --console to verify connectivity to database
  6. Create a shortcut for the InstallUtil utility available in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319 pointing to LiveServer install
  7. Run the shortcut(as admin) to setup LiveServer as service, and start the Envision Live Windows service
  8. Browse to <EAS IP>:8080/signalr/hubs to verify signalr - you should see Javascript output seen below
  9. Add a new dataprocess job on the EDC to process messages with this command- DataProcessConsole --message