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Table of Contents

PLC Impact of ePVS Driver

PLC Type
Core Driver Only

Driver w/ 3 Assets, 60 Groups,
and 100 Operations
MemoryScan TimeMemoryScan Time
Siemens 300-400 via Built-In port
(CPU 319F-3 PN/DP)
29.4KB - Load Memory3ms 42.9KB - Load Memory3-4ms
Siemens 300-400 via CP Module
(CPU 319F-3 PN/DP)
28.5KB - Load Memory3ms42KB - Load Memory3-4ms
Siemens 1200-1500
(CPU 1515F-2 PN)
206.6KB - Load Memory18ms491.6KB - Load Memory18-19ms
Mitsubishi Q
(QCPU [Q Mode])
Program: 36KB / 9216 Steps (Depends on PLC Model)
Data: 3560 K Points
4.5msProgram: 44KB / 11264 Steps (Depends on PLC Model)
Data: 3560 K Points
Rockwell CLx
PLC58K Words5-10ms10K Words5-10ms
SLC5004500 Words5-10ms5500 Words5-10ms

titleScan Time

Scan time impact will vary from PLC model and number of state changes per scan.

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