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This document is becoming obsolete. This EDC document is for Kepware, windows based. The next Generation 2 Data Collection Appliances are Linux x64 based, with completely different applications and functions. Gen 2 is not backward compatible with Gen 1.

Please note these installation instructions may change at anytime without notice. Installer download links require password to access, please contact or to request password.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Get the most recent version of the installer here
  2. After downloading the executable run the installer. (Note: Installer requires Administrator privileges)
  3. Select a language (If you would like a language added please contact a BEET Representative) 

  4. Press Next

  5. Select Install EDC, Press Next.

  6. Specify the IP of the EAS and its MongoDB server

  7. If the Installer was able to find the EAS the following dialog will appear. Press the "Create New Collector Engine" button once to generate a new collector engine and retrieve it's unique ID from the EAS.

  8. Otherwise, Enter the UID generated for this EDC (Refer to "Generating EDC GUID" from the info section of this page)

  9. Select components that you would like to install locally, Press Next.

  10. The installer will run. (Depending on the speed of the machine this may take some time)

  11. The Envision Data Collector should be properly installed on your machine.


Generating EDC GUID

  1. Use Envision -> Admin -> Collector Engine and Click the ID (2) (If one does not exist press Add New Record to create one)
  2. Copy [GUID] on the buffer