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  1. Remote desktop to EAS
  2. Click Server Manager
  3. Click Envision on Task Scheduler
    1. If Envision Plant has been disabled, you need to go to step 6
  4. Right Mouse on Envision DataProcess and Select Disable

  5. Refresh (F5) it until Status of Task Disabled

    Goto Step 9

  6. Goto Task Scheduler - Envision and Task

  7. Highlight on all Process and select Disable

  8. Refresh (F5) it until Status of Task Disabled
  9. Backup the existing EnvisionDPCore.dll, DataProcessShared.dll, DataProcessConsole.exe, Newtonsoft.Json.* and mongo* applications
  10. Copy the upgrade files from \\fs\temp\DataProcess to C:\Program Files\Beet Analytics Technology\DataProcess
  11. Goto Task scheduler and Enable it

  12. Refresh (F5) the Task Schedule and make sure Status Ready or Running

You have to copy all files under \\fs\Temp\DataProcess directory to your USB Drive