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Step-by-step guide

  1. Remote Desktop to EDC
  2. Open file, C:\_Envision\EnvisionDataProcess\config.xml in Notepad

  3. Find MaxJob and change the number from 1 to 15
  4. Goto Task Scheduler and Make sure DataProcess and make sure you enable the number of processes
    Below is the example of 2 processes is running

  5. You have to re-deploy in Envision for this value to take effect.

  6. To verify the jobid, use Mongo Console
    1. Launch Command Prompt and type c:\_Envision\EnvisionDB\bin\mongo localhost/EnvisionDL
    2. In Mongo Console, type: db.TagResolver.distinct("jobid")

  7. The above example show that there are 2 jobs in EDC.