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If you believe Envision is missing data, you place EDC into debug mode.  When in debug mode all data received from PLC is stored for later review.  Normally data is destroyed once processed and sent to Envision Application Server (EAS).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Remote desktop to EDC.
  2. Open file C:\_Envision\EnvisionDataProcess\config.xml using your favorite text editor.
  3. Change value in logTags to 1.
  4. Save file and exit.
  5. On EAS, Launch Mongochef and connect to EDC Database.
    It will show EnvisionDL Database will create 2 Collections, zz_tagsd_debug and zz_tagsd_diagnostics



MongoVUE should be all ready installed on EDC, if not you can download it here.

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