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DateSep 06, 2017
Issues23 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Web-based Dashboard designer that does not require a separate install
  • Direct Link to reports
  • Reports can be configured to run “live” in the browser (like current PM screen)
  • Private and Public reports offer better security and control over reports


  • Subscriptions interface re-designed to allow editing of existing subscriptions
  • Ability to add message body to the e-mail
  • Interface to view logs of e-mails sent thro’ subscriptions


  • Hotspots screen offers multiple filter options to show data by hour/shift etc.
  • Tags Multi-Edit allows users to update multiple tag descriptions, baselines and classifications
  • Cycle History bars can now display multi-status when there is a combination of overcycle and normal cycle groups
  • Baselines can be set by classification


  • Schedule change trigger for OEE calculation

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • EN-442 DONE Integrate Web Dashboaord Designer
  • EN-98 DONE Alert-Notification features for ENVISION


  • EN-465 DONE Develop DevXpress Reports for State Durations
  • EN-464 DONE Develop DevXpress Reports version of Predictive Maintenance Report
  • EN-462 DONE Subscription UI-Rework & New Feature
  • EN-461 DONE Dashboard/Report Rework
  • EN-460 DONE Heath UI
  • EN-456 DONE KTP - Filter out long cycles that run outside shift timings
  • EN-455 CANCELED KTPO - PM Screen Enhancements
  • EN-454 DONE Add import/export functionality to Dashboards
  • EN-423 DONE Report Module Link
  • EN-3 DONE Internationalization of Envision


  • EN-475 DONE Additional Envision 3.0 Bugs
  • EN-474 DONE Dashboard View: Minimize for fullscreen button formatting
  • EN-326 DONE dwShift Summary process data after the end of shift
  • EN-223 DONE Hotspot not using bottle neck feature
  • EN-192 DONE Cycle history is resetting to Last 100 Cycles when selecting a Group regardless if it wasn't in the last 100 cycles.


  • EN-471 DONE Report Server use NLOG
  • EN-470 DONE Improve Dataprocess use Multi Threading method


  • EN-478 DONE Switch to fault group cycletime
  • EN-459 DONE Convert to use Nlog for Report Scheduler
  • EN-329 DONE change the order of Cycle History view by using date stamp and ptime
  • EN-328 DONE Populate ptime in cyclehistory