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Select the drop-down menu in the Range dialog box. It will reveal a range of choices. The choices with the letter "N", when chosen, will open a dialog box under that will allow you to enter a number that represents the "N". This allows you to specify an exact amount as opposed to Hour, Day, Week, or Month. In the example, 9 is selected, so the "Last N Days" will see it as the "Last 9 Days".
N=The Number Entered in the Range* edit box (Enter number of days)

Next, below the Range field, navigate the Object Tree to go down to the object desired. You can also use the filters to the right of the Tree to sort and/or filter the object selection.

Status - Select the status's that you would like to view.
Shift – Select the shift you would like to view.
Shift Crew – Choose a crew if this field is populated by the users.
Classification – Choose which classification to view.
Recipients – Enter an email address of the Recipients that you want to send the Dashboard report to.
Email Subject – Enter a Subject to appear in the subject line of an Email.
Email Message – Enter a message you would like to send as in email along with the report.

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