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Dashboard: Divided into 3 views (Tabs)

  • Dashboard (Replaces 1.4 dashboard)
    • Historical Metric view by shift
    • Recent Notes of selected object
    • Recent Hotspots of selected object
    • Recent Hotspots of selected object
    • Starved/OverCycle/Blocked (last 10 shifts)
    • Child Object Stats, Last 2 Shifts.
    • Last Recorded Cycle Date time.
  • Production Monitor
  • Live Asset View

Cycle Browser

  • History
    • Cycle Statistics by Hour (Deviation, Average, Max, and Min) for a selected date range.
    • Simple trending.
  • Cycle
    • Graphical “State” view integrated into sequence view.

Object/Cycle Notes

  • 2-Level Categorization
  • Filtering: Category, Date, Text or any combination.
  • Note Comments. Ability to add a note to a note or comment on an existing note.


  • Date range selection (Predefined (Today, yesterday, etc.) & custom
  • Chart/Heat map of Occurrence/Variance by hour.
  • Model, Pallet and Shift Breakdowns
  • Simple trending.


  • Simplified Creation UI
  • Expanded Calculated Column formula.  
  • Ability to subscribe to report.


  • Complete User Interface overhaul