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The Envision notes panel allows users to input descriptions about any given cycle they wish. This is a practical and convenient method of communicating issues as they happen across an assembly plant. Notes that have inputted at any time are persistently available to be viewed by authorized users.

Click on the Image to the left to view a video on Smart Notes, or click this Smart Notes link.

Click on the any part of the image to view or go to the information on your selection.Related image

In the Notes section of enVision, the user will now have the option to Delete  or Edit their notes if they are an Admin or the author of the note.  

Select the Edit button to re-open the Update Note window. From here, make any correction in Category and in the Note section. When the Note is finished, click the Save button to complete the editing.

Selecting the Delete button will open a warning box and give you a choice to Confirm to remove or not remove the Note permanently.

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