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The scheduling menu allows you to setup and configure a schedule for multiple shifts. It also will allow you to schedule Non-Production Events, such as Preventative Maintenance, Breaks, and other reasons for a scheduled shutdown.



On the opening screen, select the calendar icon in the upper left corner of the enVision browser.

Creating Production Schedule (Scheduling Configuration)  (Lesson 8-1)

Start by selecting a day on the calendar.
By selecting a date on the calendar, the area to the right of the calendar will now reveal the Create Shift Menu. From here you can enter the name of the shift, which shift (if multiple shifts are present), Start time, and End time.

Enter the name of the Shift (Red). Some shifts have 2 or more other shifts so you can enter which shift it is by labeling them Crew A and B or 1, 2, and 3. Enter the Start Time for the shift by Clicking inside the edit box. This will open a time clock menu. Click on the Hour to set the Hour, then Click on the minutes. Select A.M. or P.M., then Click Save when you are done.

Clock Applet

We have selected a Start time of 3:00 P.M. and an End time of 11:00 P.M.

Non-Production Events   (Lesson 8-2)

During a shift, it may be necessary to have a scheduled shutdown for Preventative Maintenance, Breaks, or a Shift change.  For that, we have an area to input a Non-Production Event.To set this up, start by Clicking in the box under the NPE. Input the Name/Reason in that Edit box. Click in the Start time box to open a Time Clock Menu. Use this to input the Start Time for the event. Now input the End time.  Verify after inputting the times, that the correct time to the right of the Start and End time is correct at intended.  If not, you can simply select the delete button or make a correction to either.
Select the Planned Schedule to make this repeat for all the shift's select. Set the Cycle Speed Factor if it isn't already set to specification. Now select the Repeat Shift checkbox if you would like to add duplicate shifts throughout the week.

Shift Speed Factor   (Lesson 8-3)

Cycle Speed Factor

Use the Cycle Speed Factor option to set the cycle speed for the shift. 

Lesson Quiz 

 Question 1 - Click to Open

If the "Shift Speed Factor is moved from 1 to 0.5, will this increase or decrease the Effective Cycle Time?

 A) Increase

 B) Decrease

 C) It will have no effect

 Question 2 - Click to Open

Which event is not a Non Production Event?

 A) Scheduled lunch break

 B) Shift Change

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