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 Production Monitor

The Production Monitor is a browser that can provide a quick live report on plant productions. The Production Monitor can display data for the entire plant, including over cycle time in accumulated events, production data for each zone hour by hour or by a selected shift.

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Production Monitor

Production Monitor Beta

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Viewing  (Lesson 3-1)

The Production Monitor is a browser that can provide a quick live report on plant productions. The Production Monitor can display data for the entire plant, including overcycle time in accumulated events, production data for each zone hour by hour or by a selected shift.

  • Starved - The Object is waiting for the next part to start working.

  • Overcycle - A cycle that is outside the tolerance range of the cycle time for that object.

  • Blocked - An Object that is in a blocked state. The Object completes its work and is waiting for downstream Objects to finish so the finished part can move out of the Object.

Filtering _ Object Selecting (Lesson 3-2)

The Production Monitor button is located in the upper right hand corner of the enVision Browser window in highlight.
Once selected, it will open a new window with the Production monitor. In this new window, there will be an Objects window for you to navigate to the object you desire.
Click through the Objects string to get to the object desired. Once you have revealed the level desired, then Click on the Save button. This will open a new Browser.
This Production Browser can be opened in levels from AREA, LINE, STATION, to ASSET.

A browser window will open to the location selected. The Production Monitor will default to the current day or shift.

If there is not any data for a current shift, it may be necessary to look back into the past for data. This module works with current data and historical data. Click on the Select Historical Shift button to select a previous day or shift.

Drill Down Capability (Lesson 3-3)

Change Object 3.6

This displays a window to navigate up
or down an Object Tree. Click on the Object in the white part of the window:
Click in an Object in the black portion of the Object window;
Simulation > Test Area > Test Line 2 Copy >_ >
to navigate Upward to an Object desired. Click the Save button to open the objects below the selected object.

Alternate Navigational options

There are additional ways to navigate to a higher level or drill down to a lower level object, by using the Object Title Label, or the Object String (Address) on the top left hand side of the Production Monitor Browser.

Clicking on the Object Title Label 1 of the upper graph will open a new Production Monitor window with a new graph of the objects below the selection.
Clicking on the Object String 2 at the top of the browser. Doing this will open a new browser with a higher level Object.

Navigating by Object Title

The titles on the upper portion of the Production monitors are active links to the next level below the current object being viewed.

Clicking on the S01 Fixture will reopen the window that selected level. You can drill down to the Asset level.

Reporting (in PM)  (Lesson 3-4)

The Reporting feature of the Production Monitor displays a window with a selection of Report to view by Preview, Excel, or PDF. Click on the selection under reports, then choose the option to view.
When the Reporting Button is selected, a window will open with a menu in the upper left-hand corner. There are 7 choices of ways to view object data.

Screen Print 3.6

Select Screen print will copy the current browser window and open it in a PNG format. At the bottom left hand corner, a tab will open to view the .png file.
Select Open, and it will open a window to view the Screen Print. The background will be a lighter shade for printing and displaying.

Over Cycle (Last 50000) and Over Cycle (Selected Shift) 3.6

Both Over Cycle (Last 50000) and Over Cycle (Selected Shift) work the same way to download to an Excel file for viewing.
Simply click on the Excel button and the current file will be download.

Top Assets by Line, Station, and Top 3 3.6

All 3 have the same 3 view options to choose from. Selecting preview will open a preview window within the reporting window. Choosing Excel or PDF will download and open the object data to the chosen format.
When Top Assets by is selected it will open to a screen containing a Calendar option. The user can pick a day from the list or click on the Date box to access a custom calendar to make a selection.

User the Calendar option to select a time period, such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, or This Month. The User may also utilize the Custom Range option. This will allow the user to select a specific time period by selection of a start and end date. Click Submit when the dates are set.

After you've submitted, you can now pick the type of preview you would like to view. You can preview in the browser window or download to an Excel sheet or PDF.

Top 3 Pallets (AVG) 3.6

This opens a window with a drop down to select the date. It also has the choices of Preview, Excel, and PDF. Preview is shown in this example.

Historic Views (Select Historical Shift 3.6)  (Lesson 3-5)

This opens and displays a Previous Shifts window that will allow you to choose from the Current Shift all the way to the last few months.  To view a specified date, scroll down to the date, and shift desired and Click on it.  This will re-open the window (at the same level) of the day and shift selected.

Once the browser is open to the location desired, an alternate way to navigate to a higher or lower object can be done either by selecting the Change Object Icon, Object Labels, or the Object String Tab.

Take this Quiz

 Question 1 - Click to Open

If you navigate to an object, and there is no data for that day, how do you select another day?

 A) Go to the Select Historical Shift and view a previous day or shift.

 B) Select the Change object button

 C) Select the Roll Up Hotspots button

 Question 2 - Click to Open

What is the status of a station if it is waiting for a part to clear in the next station?

 B) Starved

 C) Fault

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