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The enVision notes panel allows users to input descriptions about any given cycle they wish. This is a practical and convenient method of communicating issues as they happen across an assembly plant. Notes that have inputted at any time are persistently available to be viewed by authorized users.

enVision Smart Notes

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enVision Notes

Within Cycle View browser, there is a button you can use to make notes about the object. The Notes button is located in the upper right-hand corner of the enVision browser.

In the Notes section of enVision, the user will now have the option to Delete or Edit their notes if they are an Admin or the author of the note.

Select the Edit button to re-open the Update Note window. From here, make any correction in Category and in the Note section. When the Note is finished, click the Save button to complete the editing.

Selecting the Delete button will open a warning box and give you a choice to Confirm to remove or not remove the Note permanently.


Select Common Notes
Simply Click on the Notes button and a window will open labeled Cycle Notes. It will open to the Select Common Notes tab.

It will offer you a few options to choose from including Select Common Notes, Enter Custom Note, and View Notes.

The Select Common Notes, displays a list of the Notes in the current selection or where you are in the cycle view browser.

Entering Notes (Lesson 6-1)

To input a Note, click on the Add New Note button.

This action will open the "Create Note" window. From there, select a category from the drop-down box labeled Category. Make a selection based upon the location of the issue you are documenting. After your selection, add a detailed note about the issue you would like to document.

When you are finished, review the note, then click the Save button to add it to the Notes Module.

Enter Custom Note

The Enter Custom Note tab will allow you to input a note into the Notes database. Simply, Click on the Category space to reveal a drop down menu with choices.  Select the proper Sub Category (Other in this example), then fill in your comments in the Comments section provided. When you are finished, Click Save to hold the position, or  x Close .

Searching Notes (Lesson 6-2)

In the Notes Module, you can perform a keyword search to discover previously written notes.

The user can also sort and search by the date as well by using the calendar feature.

Below the calendar feature, lies the Categories selection window. Here, the user can sort or select the notes by category. The inputted notes are identified by a number in parenthesis next to the category.

In the light section, is the Notes display. It is here, where all the notes will be displayed. Use the Filters, Search, and Categories options to narrow down to where you would like to search.

Reporting on Notes (Lesson 6-3)

To gather a report on the notes collected, the user can select the Print Notes button to create a PDF of the Current notes or selected notes.

Assigning Categories (Note Categories v3.6) (Lesson 6-4)

The Notes Categories tab holds the key to configuring the Notes Category list in the Cycle View Browser. From here, you can add, remove, or edit the Categories that will appear in the Cycle View Notes.

To add a new Category or Subcategory, click on the editing box with the labels starting with "Add New". Input your new Category or Subcategory. For an already existing Category or Subcategory, you can double click on it to edit the field. 

In the Cycle View browser, when viewing an Asset or Group level object you can click on the Notes button to create a note. Shown here is a screenshot from the Notes browser section. When the Category pull-down is selected, it shows the selections you made in the Note Category List editor.

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