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First time here? Please Click on the link below to review this informational video on the Beet Academy.

 BEET Academy Demo Video

The BEET ACADEMY is an instructional space within the enVision customer knowledge base. It provides a closely structured outline for Beet customers to use during the training process as well as a reference to return to for more information.

Click on this icon to return to the Beet Academy Home page.

Don't see what you are looking for? Try the Image Search Tool (Click)

Click on an Image below to go to that section in the Beet Academy Reference Supplement. Or, click on a lesson below each subject.

Clicking on this image will take you to the first lesson in the Beet Academy Training Outline.

This link will take you to the Notes Module Reference Supplement. It contains more information on the Notes module. Notes Module Lesson 6


Course Matrix

Which Level are you? Click here to review typical roles.

Basic Level

Advance Level *Note please review Basic level material before proceeding.

Administration Level   *Note please review Basic and  Advance level material before proceeding.