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This is the home page for Envision Customer Knowledge Base. This is a public site intended for the support of Beet customers.

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Beet Documentation and Tutorial Videos

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This link takes the user to the Beet Docs page. Here, in this page we have all the documentation for Administration, End Users, Reporting/Dashboards, Training and Tutorial Videos.

BEET Academy   

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The BEET ACADEMY is an instructional space within the enVision customer knowledge base. It provides a closely structured outline for Beet customers to use during the training process as well as a reference to return to for more information.

All the sections are based upon the Training outline used by Beet Training and Coaching personnel. In the Beet Academy splash Page, you will find a Table of Contents, a brief overview video (for first time use), and image icons on this page that are hyperlinked to all relevant courses of the Beet Academy in the image. This mean a user can click on one of the images within the Beet Academy image to go to that selected section. All sections are linked to the documented materials in the Reference Supplement. Every section opened will have a start page with a brief introduction, a Video, and a table of contents.


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BEET Support section is used by the housing of documentation of the beet internal information. This link will send the user to the Beet Support page, that will contain Manuals, Technical Specifications, Technical Questions/Answers, I.T., Installation, and Maintenance information for enVision.

Image Search Tool

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The purpose of this tool is to provide screenshots of commonly used enVision modules, and the ability to identify certain images, while providing a brief explanation. It will also allow the user to go to the section selected. Hovering over the image will reveal links to the section documentation in the Beet Documentations Space of the enVision Knowledge Base.  Some links may have a brief description about the image you are hovering over.  Clicking on the image will take you to the information selected.

BEET Contact Information

BEET US Office

45207 Helm St.,
Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Phone: 248-432-0052

BEET China Office


Contact : Edward Chang

Email :

Cell Phone: +86 188 6875 8858

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